Monday, March 7, 2011

Al Hesn Private School

School Uniform

School File Name: Al-Hesn-Private-School
School Name and City: Al Hesn Private School Dubai
School City: Dubai
School Location: P.O.Box : 92666, Dubai
School Level: School: Elementary & Secondary
School Email: Not-Available
School Telephone: (04)3439333
School ID: 2003
School Name: Al Hesn Private School
School curriculum:US/Arabic

AL-Hesn Private School 

Is a private school with a very good teachers who teach's them how to read and write there metod is that if they give students the oppertonaty to answer they would be comfortable with the teachers.
The school has 4 section which is American Girls,American Boys and Arabic Girls,Arabic Boys in the primary section there are 2 sections which is American and Arabic section.There is 2 pools and a football field which is placed in the boys section and there is a very big gym were they do the shows or sports.The schools goal it to have more students so that there so will be bigger and better like a family.
Then school is from KG1-Grade12.
The school has spacel class for student who dosen't know Arabic so that they could learn Arabic but it will be in a easy wat so that hey would understand.



  1. Hello, this is Weyam Ibrahim. I went to this school from kindergarten all the way to fifth grade, and I am now in my third year of university! I had lots of great memories with a lot of beautiful people. However, sadly, I have lost contact with everybody. But, I Just wanted to say, wherever everybody is, I hope you are all blessed and happy. I miss this school and its people 💕 I miss my 4rth grade bestie Salama and my kindergarten friend Mohammed. I also miss my fifth grade buddies Noora, Khalid, Fahad, and everybody! 💕 if anybody sees this, feel free to add my on instagram @meowewe ! :)